Womens boot camp

This women only fitness and boot camp community is dedicated to changing women's lives through fitness and nutrition. We build strength, inside and out!

We deliver an exceptional fitness program, fat loss workouts rich, specifically designed for our women clients. We guarentee your results 100%. You don't lose weight by doing our exercises and feel great, we gladly give you your money back!"

women only fitness

Pilger's OLD Skool Women's Bootcamp and Boxing is for all levels of fitness. Whether you are the "first time gym-goer" or "a barbell diva", we tailor our exercises to your needs. We progress and move forward together!

We love our clients and want to help you reach your fitness goals through our bootcamp!


Women Boxing and Fitness workouts

Client Transformations

1. What made you decide you wanted/needed to start a program?

Well I just had a baby in 2013. He is my 4th child and makes a 9 year gap between him and his older sister as well as 14 year gap from my first born. That being said, I am a busy working mom with busy kids. I am constantly on the go and need to find time for my own health and fitness. I want to keep up with the craziness that is my family and be healthy for years to come. I knew it would be hard but I needed to find a forum to get started. I knew that would need to spend some money and most importantly, get out of my house. I saw this post on Facebook about a fit mom challenge and so I knew this was the sign that I needed. I replied about the post and the rest is history, including my extra 25 pounds.


I decided to do the BootcAmp program for a couple reasons. Before joining Pilgers, my workout only consisted of cardio. I would do the same tedious running workout 5-6 days a week. Running daily wasn't giving me the results I wanted. Feeling frustrated I began searching for a new workout class or program in Columbus. I wanted to do a class that helped me to become more confident in myself and my body. After some time I almost gave up looking until my boyfriend told me about a new workout class at his boxing gym for women only. At first the idea of boxing made me resistant. Worried I wouldn't like it or would be intimidated, I went to my first BootcAmp class anyway. After my first class I was addicted. Erin is an incredible trainer who not only motivates you to work hard, challenges us, but she kicks our butte on a weekly basis and we still love her :) thanks to Pilgers BootcAmp with Erin, this is the first time In my life I feel confident, strong and happy!


I started a new job where I am out on client lunches daily. I found myself working a ton and started to gain a little weight and not make working out a priority. I know I needed a trainer or some class to keep myself accountable rather than going it alone.


I belonged to a gym for 3 years and worked out at least 5 days per week prior to joining Erin's boot camp, but I reached a plateau and felt that I needed something different in order to reach my fitness goals.


2. What results have you achieved since starting your program?

I have been going to Erin's boot camp for a little over a month. I can feel muscles forming where they didn't exist before. I can see my body toning and feel stronger as well, in this relatively short period of time.


I have achieved amazing results. I have lost over 25 pounds and lots of inches. I have gained my life back and I feel healthier and stronger. I have also made new friends with the wonderful ladies who sweat it out beside me in the trenches. Overall, it has been life changing in a good way, just what I needed to kick start myself to a new me.


Since starting BootcAmp this summer, I have seen some great results! I am stronger than I have ever been in my life. The idea of lifting used to make me think I would turn into Arnold Schwarzenegger. However this program has instead transformed me into a strong women with sexy muscle tone :) Erin tells us she is sculpting the best butts in town, and I can't agree with her more! My butt ain't to shabby these days! Still after a few months of training I continue to feel proud of myself when i see or notice new muscle coming In that I didn't know existed on my body! Overall my results in this program have been great and I look forward in continuing towards transforming my body even more as I continue my BootcAmp classes.


I've been doing this since July, and I am amazed by how strong I am and how strong I keep getting. I love seeing new muscles in my shoulders, arms, core and legs!! I feel younger, stronger and more energetic. Plus having a group of girls motivating me along the way has been fantastic! I've always been active. I've done yoga, Pilates, barre, kickboxing, running. I even hold a 2nd degree black belt in a martial art called Tang Soo Do. I never really wanted to do strength training because I was afraid of bulking up. But it's just the opposite. I'm more toned and sleek and strong.


3. What do you like best about our program/having a trainer?

Erin really helps you to focus on form and individualizes the workout based on your physical needs. She gets to know her students well and makes sure that they stay challenged. She is also very good at creating an environment that is supportive. I feel that everyone in her class feels like they are in this together.


The program is amazing. I love that we have such a wide variety of workout drills at each class. I don’t think we have ever repeated an entire day’s workout . And did I mention the music is great! I also love that we have a trainer who is so hard core in her personal workout goals. She is fun and makes our workout more enjoyable. Our trainer is patient with our questions and makes time to give us personal advice towards our ongoing goals. The program also allows for morning or evening workouts.


What I like best about this program and having a trainer is the relationships I have formed with others experiencing it with me. All the women who I do my classes with I now consider friends. We help each other out in class, motivate each other and keep the program fun! Having Erin as a trainer has just been amazing. She is so friendly and wants to help in whatever ways she can. I can't even begin to estimate the amount of times I have texted her health questions on how to better improve myself. She is always willing to help and never fails to give great advice/suggestions! She is an amazing motivation and excellent at what she does everyday to help everyone in the program see great results.


Erin challenges us with new ways of training using a variety of equipment and methods. It’s never boring. It’s never monotonous. It’s never easy. But Erin has a way of getting us to take it up a notch and challenge ourselves. We work hard, but it’s a lot of fun. We are ladies united in feeling like bad-asses!! Also, Erin keeps it safe. She demonstrates and insists on proper technique to ensure we get the best results without injury. The other day I was moving furniture and realized I was using my legs, engaging my core and even exhaling on the exertion. Proper technique has extended beyond the gym and become second nature! :-)


Erin makes the program super fun! I read a lot of fitness magazines and I always see the exercises we do in class in the magazine! She keeps it really fresh, fast and challenging! Erin pushes me and I definitely need that in a trainer. She gives me a lot of positive feedback and tips as well. We have a great group of girls in class and I really enjoy how we can push each other and make working out enjoyable.


4. What would you say to someone on the fence about joining our program?

Jump off that fence and into a class immediately. There will never be anything more important than taking care of yourself. Sound selfish, well it isn’t, really! Think of it this way, you aren’t going to be of any service to anyone else in your life if you aren’t all that you can be first. I don’t care what the obstacles, stay strong and stay focused. If I can do it on a limited budget and super tight schedule with kids, anyone can. It’s really mind over matter. If it matters, you won’t mind.


I would honestly tell anyone to try this program. For those who may feel intimidated or scared to try something new, don't be! I was that person before I started this Pilgers program. Worried I would fall behind or struggle, Erin is able to modify all activities to cater perfectly for her clients. Being scared stopped me from realizing I was stronger than I thought I was. I can honestly say joining this program was the best and most positive change I have made in my life. Feeling more confident and strong has allowed me to live happier :) all it takes is one class and you will be hooked just like me!


Just come in and give it a try. Who knows? Just like a bunch of us gals, you may find yourself hooked!


Give it a try! It will definitely be tough at first but you will absolutely see/feel results! From the first day, I struggled with burpees and just keeping up. Now I can deadlift (90 lbs was it?) and really kill it at my workouts. It's a great stress reliever, awesome camaraderie among the girls and the BEST trainer!!! :)


Don't hesitate. It is the best choice that I have ever made for myself regarding physical fitness. Also, don't worry about your fitness level prior to joining. It's hard, but if I can do it, you can do it. I am an older woman who has a long way to go to reach my goals. I am in this class with woman of all ages and some in amazing shape and I still feel comfortable being here. I know that I am going to reach my goals at this gym. I am learning here that I can do it.



Class Information and Schedule


1034 Goodale Blvd. Columbus, OH 43212

What's needed for each women's bootcamp class:

  • Boxing gloves
  • Hand Wraps
  • Lots of water
  • Gym clothes with sneakers
  • Small Towel

Contact information

If you should have any questions, feel free to contact the Pilger's OLD SKOOL Women's Bootcamp and Boxing coordinator and trainer, Erin M. Brown at brownerin81@gmail.com or 732-977-2756

Feel free to like our Facebook page and check back there for daily updates: https://www.facebook.com/pilgerswomensfitness

I know it doesn't sound important, but our health must be our priority.  It is easy to lose focus. We gain a pound here, have another baby, stop working out (diapers are expensive!), change jobs, have a family crisis – BOOM!  It's another new year and we find ourselves overweight and out of shape.  It happened so slowly!  Our kids, job, house, family, parents, husbands, parties, social life, etc… are easy excuses.  No matter your age, weight or physical abilities – it is not too late to take charge of your health and fitness. As women, we easily slip into a role of selflessness.  We serve everyone around us, but we must consider our future.  YOU are worth the investment!! YOU are worth saving!! YOU are worth all the hard work!!

Let's work together to make the right steps into creating the best version of YOU!!

Don't push your needs to the back burner.   YOU deserve a healthy and active lifestyle.  Push your excuses aside and choose better health – a better tomorrow.  Sign up for a free class today.  You can do this!  You deserve that sexy, lean and toned figure that you've always wanted!!!

Come join us.  For more information about signing up for a membership, please click the below link.

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